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What’s New?

New Beginnings. New Year Resolutions. New life. Sound familiar? Pledges to share exercise programs, healthier eating, fat busters, stress reducer and a myriad of “let’s start something”.

Enthusiasm abounds. After all, the key phrase ” I Am Sold Myself” reflects the excitement during this time of year. So predictable.  Just like the January White Sales, Inventory Clearance Sales, Gizmos and Gadgets to make you the slim, trim, buffed and bulked you aspire to be.

What Happened?

Life tends to settle in the same daily grind. Bills to pay, bullies, buffoons, brats, and demanding bosses are like a fog between you and the new and improved you. We fall into the same old routine, same old complacency,  same old reasons, same old, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Too tired, too blue, too disgusted, too disillusioned, too this, too that.


During the 1950’s, Florence Chadwick, the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions, set out to swim from Catalina Island to the California coast. The water was cold. The fog was thick. Sharks had to be driven away. She had been in the water for more than fifteen hours. She asked to be taken out of the water despite reminders from her mother and trainer of how close to the land she was. She was only a half a mile to the coast.

What defeated this courageous woman? FOG. She couldn’t see land; she was enveloped in fog. As she reflected on the event, she acknowledged it wasn’t the cold nor the fatigue nor the sharks that defeated her. It was the fog. The fog obscured her goal. It shrouded her. It shredded her esteem. She lost her focus. She succumbed.

The story has a happy ending. She found her Force and swam again, keeping her focus that behind the fog was the land. She beat the men’s record by two hours. What a boost to her self-esteem!

So What? So What’s Next?

So what if a seasoned athlete quits? So what if you quit? Is that the end? Is that where you want to leave it?

Just like Florence got in the same cold shark invested water shrouded in fog, you can get back in whatever you started. You have the same “I ASold Myself ” Enthusiasm.  It’s just hidden in the muck and mire. All you need you have; The Force Within you. The emotional power to push over or under or around obstacles that keep your land from view.  Believe in you!

Points to Ponder
  • “Trying times are not the times to stop trying” [Ray Owen]
  • “Never, never, never give up!” [Winston Churchill]
  • Babe Ruth struck out many more times than he hit home runs
  • The Rule of 30  [Edward B Butler]
    • Everyone is enthusiastic at times
    • Some have enthusiasm for 30 minutes
    • Some have enthusiasm for 30 days
    • The one who has it for 30 years has succeeded in life






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