Enough is Enough

Command and Control

Karl Marx wrote, ” social order is maintained by domination and power”. Control and domination have been a way of life for many. Power, position, title, gender. In healthcare, male physicians have exercised power and authority for decades. Bullying, intimidation, retaliation is all too common. I am the “captain of the ship” philosophy and practice remind me of ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ in 1789.

Nurses and others have endured bullying, harassment, intimidation and still maintain silence for fear of retaliation.  In my practice, I have observed and been the recipient of abusive, threatening behavior. I’ve watched talented professionals reduced to tears.

I can talk to you however I choose

My basic nature and deeply rooted sense of fair and just combined with my tendency to speak up resulted in a reputation for fearlessly confronting such behavior. Often times speaking up was for the sake of patients, Sometimes it was for the sake of other team members. All of it required me to dig deep into my Force Within.  I’ve paid a dear price along the way and would speak up again if I had to do it again. I’ve told  powerful domineering males, “if the nuns couldn’t intimidate me, what makes you think you can.”


Oprah Winfrey’s message during the Golden Globes, “A new day is on the horizon” catapults the insidious and rampant harassment into the cold light of day. Her resounding message to young girls and not so young women inspires hope.

Men of goodwill who are speaking up, using the power of social media are shedding light on the horrific injustice.

Women who are speaking up are finding their inner strength, their Force Within. The steadfastness of those brave souls willing to expose the truth,  the powerful force of the Press, activists, and influencers will make a difference. My humble thanks and gratitude.






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  1. Well said Eileen. In this day and age you would think this type of behavior would be frowned upon or non existent, unfortunately it is still rampant!!

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