About ETLEM – The Force Within

Hi, I created ETLEM.com because I want to help others realize they have all they need within. I’ve been knocked down, bullied, berated, beaten, and at times felt like the Marlin in “The Old Man and the Sea”. Deep inside, I believe we all possess the strength to overcome whatever obstacles life throws at us.

I’ve seen others so fearful and anxious they are unable to articulate their own name. I’ve seen adult women tolerate abuse out of fear. Fear of losing a job, fear of retaliation, fear of ridicule. Fear. Fear. Fear.

My aim is to enhance, enrich and help empower others to find their strength, their voice, their inner Force.  Two of my heroes are Florence Nightingale and her father. Florence for her rule-breaking, risk-taking spirit and intelligence. Her father for supporting her by bucking the norms of the day.

One of my favorite quotes by Florence, ” Fear and anxiety do more harm than any physical exertion”. 

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